Monday, 11 August 2014

Craft Room Update

Well I have been in my little craft room for a while now. There were still a few bits & pieces that weren't originally finished like the floor & windows. Last weekend the floor was finished, so I decided that last week would be the perfect time to have a bit of a sort out & update.

 We decided to move the sofa bed out of the corner to free up a bit more space. Works well where it is now, as we discovered after having to use it for 2 nights. An extra bookcase has been added in the corner to house my magazines. This freed up the large cupboard in the sideboard.

 I now have my table permanately out & have been able to get my sewing machine out of it's box. Hoping I will use it a bit more now. Another new bookcase has been added & we have removed the large brown desk that was in this corner.

I have moved all my daily use craft bits to one side of my desk which has freed up some much needed space.

I have blinds on the window!!! I can't believe how much difference these sheer blinds have made. We have added 3 so I can alter them as the sun moves across my window.

Tomorrow I will be back with another card that I have made x Clare x

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